About My photography

13th January 2018
      My thanks go to our camera clubs and friends for there support and sharing camera advise. hope my site encourage's you all into photography, be it Landscape's, Portrait's and painting with light.
      My photographs are what I see, sometimes I think we all should take time to stop and look at the landscape before us.The Yorkshire Coast in a wonderful place to do photography, from Whitby Pier to Bempton Cliff's its all there for the photographer. For more information contact me on 01653 697389.
      My goal for the future is to improve as much as possible and try and gain the image quality the professionals have in there portfolio's. I also want to experiment with my photography more and push all boundaries.
      All my photographs are for sale, if you like the look of one of the photographs please contact me on the above telephone number or send me an e-mail as to the picture your interested in....thank you...martin

      This month ( may 2011 ) I bought my new Nikon D300s camera, so Im hoping for good things from this purchase, time will only tell...
      Well had my Nikon D300s for some time now , the camera works very good, great images from the files..bit on the heavy side for carrying all day on a shoot, but worth the effort with great results...please keep checking my page for updated photograph's..
      Hi, it's 2013 now and things are going quite well, just had some of my photograph's printed in America ( N/East England Coastal shots )mainly...got some really good winter photo's too, so I will post them now...if you liked my images and would like to leave a comment ,please go to Guest heading and leave your comment there.....2014 seem to be a promising year for photography, I'm getting out quite a lot now, also trying my hand a Macro & Sill Life photography so we will see how this develops..
      Hi Everyone, well we are well into 2014 now , still using my Nikon D300s as I've not found a really good Nikon replacement bar the full frame one's. Been visiting some derelict buildings lately & doing some abstract stuff, but still loving the camera. I've just taken on the chairman's position at my local camera club ( of which there's a link to on my FB page )so running that takes a bit of my time up as well, but getting out with the camera is still best of all...see ya soon...martin.
      Today 3rd October 2014 I've resided to remove some of my images and replace them with new materials, just to add more interest in my work, so keep checking out my site...

      April 2015....looks as if its a good year, went to Scotland last year onto Skye/Fort William so hoping to get up there again this year.
      Photographing a wedding in Ross-on-Wye in May 2015, so looking forward to that event. Being doing some medium format photography, takes a bit of getting used to but getting there now ( using a Fuji GX 680 )this camera has been out a long while now, but I enjoy using the big beast now and again !so here's to the year ahead...Well took the Wedding photo's in early May 2015, all went well for a change..the Bride & Groom were very pleased with the images I took. I failed with the medium Format job, for some reason the negatives didn't come out, so some things wrong !! need more investigating to find out where I went wrong.
      1st October 2015... Hi all, just to say you can see more of the images I do on Photocrowd...and on Ipernity.com so if you have the time I would love to hear from you...take care..by !!
      2016...So far I've been to the lakes in April and it rained !! so not a great start to the year, but things are looking up again..I have been busy with work and moving house so things have been on the back boiler for a while...now I'm back...so keep an eye on my images on my page to see what's new....The finish to 2016 has not been well for me I developed an eye problem and still going to the hospital for treatment.
      2017 has not been a great year for me still waiting for eye operation maybe next month !! not been out to take many shots, but going to as the weather seems to be stable with Sunshine coming hopefully I with getting the chance to go out ...keep looking at my page I will put some new images up soon as I can.....July 2017 I am in York hospital after suffering a heart attack...going for a bypass soon....hope all goes well...I will be out of circulation for a while !! possibly 6 months but hope to be online again soon, please keep visiting my page for any updates...thank you.
      Update on progress, I'm getting along with things a bit now, looking forward to Autumn and getting some images. My health is improving all the time now so I will be posting new images soon.
      2018...still recovering from my illness but getting out a bit more now, so I will be posting more images this year.